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The Barking Heads & Meowing Heads story starts in 2008, when Dave, Paul and Jim all worked for a small pet food company that was gobbled up by an international chocolate and pet food conglomerate (clue: from outer space…)

Luckily for pet owners all over the world, these young(ish) lads did not drown their sorrows in chocolate and cheap pet food. Instead they harnessed their inner Richard Branson and struck out in style, creating a business whose only business was to make higher quality dog and cat food packed with loads of meat, fish, and other natural ingredients. Why? Because they simply love their animals and were appalled at the lack of quality foods available on the market at the time.

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“Eureka!” they all said in unison. “What a great idea!” they all went on – amazingly still in unison.

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Having quickly developed a bunch of absolutely top quality, delicious and healthy recipes, Dave, Paul & Jim then turned their attention to creating a brand that – like the recipes – stood out from the crowd and helped us to celebrate the fun and joy of owning happy, healthy pets.

The result was Barking Heads & Meowing Heads as you still know them today - vibrant, fun, healthy, ethical brands that produce top-notch food for your beloved dogs and cats.

And the mission we set out with in 2008 – to help all dogs live happier, healthier lives by providing the food they naturally deserve – is still what drives us today.

Barking Heads & Meowing Heads – Everything You Need to Feed Happy, Healthy Dogs and Cats.
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